Jon Mueller / Slow Bell Trio

Saturday, March 25Sat, Mar 25 at 2:30 PM

Kalamazoo Valley Museum


The Connecting Chords Music Festival kicks off our 2023 season with ambient musician Jon Mueller and avant-garde jazz ensemble Slow Bell Trio.

Jon Mueller’s aim has long been to move drums, percussion and rhythm from its anticipated backbeat to a central musical focus, something more intuitive and natural than usually imagined. Audiences throughout the world have experienced his idiosyncratic point of view as, paradoxically, both “cathartic” and “meditative”.

Sound artist Mike Weis, percussionist Steven Hess and saxophonist Keefe Jackson are collectively known as Slow Bell Trio – a combination of improvisors whose work possesses an inherent spontaneity, allowing them to disregard convention in favor of instinct and impulse.

Each musical act will play a 40-minute set in the Mary Jane Stryker Theater starting at 2:30 pm. This event is free to the public.

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