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Music in PlaceAndrew SalibaKalamazoo Valley River Trail

Andrew Saliba – River Walk

Kalamazoo Valley River Trail



Kalamazoo Valley River Trail – Trailhead starting at E Mosel Ave.

42.318023, -85.575612 : Directions

Musician's Notes

Rivers are arterial, rejuvenating, and inherently communal, and the Kalamazoo River has the additional distinction of inspiring Kalamazoo’s name. It’s fitting, then, to have a path celebrating the river.

My own interest in the Kalamazoo River started as novelty – the abundant free-flowing water in Michigan is a shocking thing to someone who grew up in a desert. Yet my interest has deepened in the time I’ve lived here.

Heraclitus said “No man ever steps in the same river twice,” and I have similarly found a new Kalamazoo River Valley Trail every time I walk it. The photos accompanying this piece date between Summer 2020 and Spring 2021 and were taken along the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail between D Ave. and Mosel Ave., with a few exceptions taken in the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

The music would not exist as you hear it without Cynthea Kelley and Ryan Demeniuk, whom I feel very fortunate to have worked with on this.

This music celebrates the peace and restfulness of a walk along the river. At the same time it offers the hope and prayer that we can find a way to bring that sense of peace and self-reflection into all elements of our lives, and into the community and society we live in.




Andrew Saliba
Composition & guitar
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Ryan Demeniuk

Cynthea Kelley
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Recorded at La Luna Recording and Sound


Andrew Saliba

Andrew Saliba is a guitarist and composer who creates searching, insightful music both for and about the human condition. Blending technical acumen with a burning creative impetus, he explores interdisciplinary means of realizing creative expression.

Andrew has written for and performed with the US Navy Commodores, new music ensemble Collect/Project, the Sam Pilnick Project, and Downbeat Magazine award-winning electronic jazz group Lushh. Andrew currently performs with internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Cameron Blake. Andrew has won national awards for performance and composition. He recently received the 2020 Young Composer Award from the Jazz Education Network. In 2019 Andrew won a third Downbeat award as a soloist. In 2018, Andrew received a Downbeat award for the large-ensemble composition “Silent Minority”. He has received seven other Downbeat awards as a member of various groups.

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