We at the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music have been looking for the right way to reach out to our supporters over these exceedingly troubled few months. As our world continually shifts, it has been difficult to imagine and voice plans for our future.

As we were grappling with our message (including the filming of the video below), the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked world-wide protests against violence toward our Black brothers and sisters, calling for much-needed systemic change.

We have been grieving the effects of COVID-19 and quarantine; we now feel the terrible weight of these tragedies in cities around the country – including Kalamazoo. We hear the protestors’ voices.

Our vision statement says: “The connecting power of music fosters mutual understanding and respect, and builds community harmony.”

We believe this more than ever, and we want our supporters to know we are looking for ways to continue this mission.

A video message from our Director

Our director Elizabeth Start filmed a short video with an update on our current thoughts regarding our 2020-21 Connecting Chords Music Festival:

Thanks as always for your support. We look forward to hearing your input as we anticipate what the future holds.

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